What Is Blockchain? How Does It Work? | Crowdswap 2022

  1. Cryptographic keys
  2. A peer-to-peer network containing a shared ledger
  3. A means of computing to store the transactions and records of the network
  • The data in the block.
  • A 32-bit whole number is called a nonce. It is a randomly generated number that appears with the birth of a new block. It also then generates a block header hash.
  • Hash is a 256-bit number attached to the nonce. The condition for the number is for it to be extremely small(must start with a huge amount of zeroes).
  • It can be used to create and track digital representations of any type of asset, item, or idea (including natively digital goods)
  • It will impact a variety of industries, including social media, financial services, healthcare, retail, gaming, and energy, and can be used for supply chain tracking and identity management.
  • It is important to recognize the broad array of assets and other items that can be digitized on blockchains, including tangible assets such as gold, coffee cups, shoes, and collectibles.
  • Creating a digital representation of an asset does not change the asset’s character or nature, nor should it change the asset’s treatment under the law.
  • It is important for regulators to understand that the technology can be used for both financial and non-financial assets.
  • Online shopping is a prominent example — retailers use databases to give us digital versions of goods to look at on the web while we decide our preferences.
  • Blockchain provides a better database technology for this and other purposes as it does not change the user experience or the legal nature of the asset or item stored in the database.
  • Core benefits include transparency, censorship resistance (immutability), security, and orderly data structures, which result in a high degree of audibility and reliability.



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