How to Participate In The CROWD Token Public Sale? 2022 — CrowdSwap

Important Dates:


Step-By-Step Guide To Participate In The CROWD Token Sale

Step #1: Complete our whitelisting process

Step #2: Participate In The Auction When Public Sale Goes Live

Step #3: Connect Your Wallet

Step #4: Submit Your Bid

Final Step: Wait For The End Time Of The Auction

Why Are We Launching On Gnosis Auction?

Find the Lowest Price

Be 100% Fair

Enjoy Simplicity

Important Points To Note

  • People may misunderstand the auction procedures and feel compelled to place big bids. However, this is not advised because all the winners will receive their $CROWD tokens at the same final clearing price established by the community of bidders.
  • Making extremely high bids and then canceling late in the auction process to deter other bidders are common examples of auction manipulation. The cancellation will then lower the clearing price, allowing manipulators to get a better deal than they would have gotten otherwise. This risk is addressed by the option to cancel bids after a set amount of time has passed in the auction and the need that bidders commit their funds to the smart auction contract before their bid is legitimate.
  • The fair batch auction approach requires buyers to select the price they believe the $CROWD token is worth based on the project’s value. At the end of the auction, this is the clearing price. Regardless of the amount they invested, all auction winners will obtain their tokens at the very same clearing price.

Step-by-Step auction walkthrough




Find the best prices in the crypto space. Save significantly on your swaps.

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Find the best prices in the crypto space. Save significantly on your swaps.

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